Donate to the Ms. Wheelchair Ky 2020

Let’s bring positive change to Kentucky. With your donation, you are becoming a part of my advocacy journey for people with disabilities. This title gives me a unique voice for spreading awareness of wheelchair use and disabilities in our state. I am also advocating for an increase to the annual state threshold salary limit for Kentucky Medicaid beneficiaries. I quickly learned that the salary limit is $30,818 for a Medicaid recipient or benefits will be lost. This is the fourth lowest threshold in the USA. This limit will trap me and fellow disabled friends for the rest of our lives. Do we dare attempt to live the American dream? My goal is to help change that with the support of our legislators, so the disabled community can succeed at being more financially stable.

Thank you for your support and consideration!

*Donations received between November 2019 through November 2020 will be directed towards advocating as Ms. Wheelchair Kentucky 2020 and traveling expenses for Nationals*

Donate to my journey as Ms.Wheelchair KY 2020


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