Freeli – Adapting a Grab-And-Go Meal! (Review)

Thank you, Freeli, for sponsoring this post and allowing me to test and review this amazing product that is making independent-eating possible! 

Some days cooking is a chore and it’s the last thing you want to do, but you still need to eat! My goal, in every aspect of life, is to be independent. Recently, I heard about this company called Freeli that makes a cool lunch pouch. It’s targeted towards kids and preteens but is also designed for an on-the-go, healthy meal and contains wholesome ingredients. Obviously, I am not a kid or preteen, but what stood out to me was the easy accessibility and functional packaging. After you heat the meal, you can squeeze the meal into your mouth (it is not purée) or cut the top off and use a spoon or fork. Since you heat the meal in the same pouch, you do not need a bowl. This means you are using less dishes, you don’t need to worry about transferring food, and clean-up is easier. I love the alternative ways to eating and cleaning that Freeli provides.  Here are my honest observations about the obstacles and solutions for independence that Freeli provides. 

Obstacles and Solutions 

After checking out their product on-line, I decided to try it in person. Now remember, my review is solely based off a quadriplegic’s perspective. When I think about independence, I have to consider how my hands will function with a product and is it saving time and energy? The only obstacle I had with the lunch pouch regarding my hands was twisting the cap off. My solution was to ask my caregiver to loosen the cap when she was with me and leave it in the fridge until I chose to heat it myself. Then you will have the opportunity to eat the lunch pouch on the same day or next. 

By using my Reacher, I can safely transfer the pouch in and out of my microwave. Once you heat it, you must place the cap back on and squish the contents to distribute the heat.  If you do not have feeling in your hands like me, let it cool for a moment, so you avoid hot sections. After you distribute the heat, set it aside to cool off before eating. At this point, you can decide whether or not you are going to cut the top off or squeeze it into your mouth. I tried both ways, and if you can manage scissors, then both ways are easy! It just depends if you want to clean your spoon afterwards. 

Another cool feature is how you can pack the meal. After you are finished heating the meal, you can put the pouch in a thermos or insulated container. Now, prepare it in the morning and it will be warm for lunch! 

More details about the product: 

  • Like I said earlier, this food is not a purée.  
  • Freeli is located in the refrigerated section at most major grocery stores.  I bought mine at Kroger. 
  • It comes in four different meals:  Mac’N’cheese; Pasta and Meat Sauce; Fiesta Bowl; and Chicken Noodle. (Mac’N’Cheese is my favorite one!) 
  • Want to know if Freeli is near you? Go to their store locator to check your local grocery!  
  • Check out their website here: Freeli

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