Seven-Year Anniversary Encouragement

This past week was the seven-year anniversary of my car accident. When May 21st  arrived, I honestly forgot until I was reminded of it. It hit me with an unexpected feeling of the “what if‘s”, but mainly, “what if I didn’t get in the truck, what would my life be like now?”  My answer: my life would be perfect. And I know I am not the only SCI who has thought that. For me, it’s been seven years, but I still experience spiritual wounds which need healing. I’ve had to trust God more than ever. That morning as I was driving, all these thoughts were haunting and attacking me, the “what if”. It’s hard understanding God‘s plan when it has completely flipped your world upside down. But lately I’ve been reminded of the promise of God, that He’ll never fail, and His timing is perfect.  

Hard days are inevitable. It was not a coincidence that both worship songs I listened to that morning were specifically about promises. As I was crying as discreetly as I could, God was right there with me helping me fight and understand His goodness. His plan isn’t going to fail, and His timing is never late. It is what I’ve been clinging onto this past week. God doesn’t call the “perfect” to step into His plan, to change the world. He wants your mess, the dirt, the imperfect, to prove His faithfulness. He wants those who aren’t afraid to fight and who understand the dependency they need from God – because you can’t do it without Him. So, in this moment, I believe for God’s goodness to shine upon my life, I believe this year will be one of spiritual healing, growth in trust during the waiting season, and for the biblical interpretation of the number 7 to come alive in this year, and years to come. Abundance, completeness, and rest. 

3 thoughts on “Seven-Year Anniversary Encouragement

  1. fran spoelstra says:

    Abby, I want to hug you so tight, and cry after reading your blog…’s been painfully difficult. But, but….hold on to the promise of total healing!

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  2. Theresa Weaver says:

    Oh sweet Abby..thank you for being so beautifully honest…life is never perfect…those of us who have full use of our limbs can tell you that…you have come so far and ARE changing the world, one blog at a time…the grieving for what you have lost will never be “finished” but deciding to be thankful for each and every little thing that you do have changes you from the inside out…i applaud who you have become… a standing ovation


  3. Connie Anderson says:

    Abby, your thoughts, words, and love of God carries so much credibility. Thank you for being so open with your struggles and your victories. You inspire all who know you and see God working through you. Thank you for sharing. You bless me so much and I am grateful. My prayers and love are with you.


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