The Spiralizer: A Device For Adapted Cooking

Let’s be honest, I am still figuring out this independent lifestyle with disabilities. It’s a process but I am making progress! An obstacle I am still figuring out is how to cook noodles. I mean, I love any type of pasta in general, but this obstacle has caught my attention. Here is my problem… I have very little, if any, tricep function and hand function. I cannot lift things; I cannot grab or pour a pot safely – especially with boiling water. This makes boiling noodles quite challenging. So, the mission was on to find a useable pot, or find an alternative. 

Lately, I have been experimenting a solution: The Spiralizer 

I love zucchini, and it seems like the fad nowadays are these things called “zoodles,” aka a zucchini cut like a noodle. It’s a healthy alternative to spaghetti and you get your veggies for the day. So, I thought, why don’t I try this as an alternative to boiling noodles! Honestly, I think it is pretty genius because you can use any vegetable! I read some recipes to see how well this Spiralizer will fit into my life before purchasing. All you do is cut the ends of the zucchini, stick the spiralizer against the counter or tray, stick the zucchini on the sharp blades of the spiralizer, and turn the handle until it is finished. It seems easy, so my next question was how do you cook the veggie? Technically, you can boil the zoodles, but it is optional. All you really need to do is cook it in a pan with salt and olive oil, stir for 5 minutes or so, and voila! You are finished! Another awesome option is cooking it in with your sauce! 

So, we bought a spiralizer that looked fitting and easy to clean. The Spiralizer was only about $25 on Amazon. My mom and I have been trying new recipes ever since we got it!  

Here are some pictures of it in action!

It’s so easy!

Here are some additional tips for cooking noodles: 

  • Try to purchase straight zucchini, this makes the use of a spiralizer easier 
  • You can peel the zucchini if you need to, however, it’s not always necessary. 
  • Cook and stir zucchini in a hot pan for 5 minutes, add olive oil and salt. 
  • Some people sweat the zucchini after cutting, this can prevent soggy noodles (mine weren’t soggy and just fine without sweating). All you do is add salt and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. 

Now, I am off to find more zoodle recipes! 

Here is the spiralizer I use!

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