Adapted Skiing

Out of all the adapted sports I have tried (surfing, skiing, wheelchair rugby, and bowling), skiing has become my favorite by far. It’s challenging, thrilling, and competitive. It’s a sort of adrenaline I do not experience often and something I miss the most about being able bodied. As a “disabled” person, the opportunities to push yourself out of your comfort zone by a thrill-seeking adventure is hard to come by.

So, with adapted skiing, I get that adrenaline and this time I took a friend. We are both using biskis with different outriggers. My friend, Sydney, has the outriggers strapped on her arms and mine are attached to the sled. I lack the strength needed to strap them on my arms so I steer with my balance. By skiing tandem with my instructor, he can help control my speed and sharp turns (if needed). You can see what I mean in the video linked below!

I specifically skied with the Perfect North Slopes Adaptive Skiing program!

If you have more questions about adapted skiing, feel free to message me by clicking on the contact tab.

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