Art by Abby is up and running!

Would you believe me if I told you I’m a better artist post injury rather than before? Yes, the same accident that paralyzed specific muscles in all four limbs of my body! Sounds crazy, but it’s true. I’ve been excited to use this God-given talent to share with the world. If you are interested in a custom graphite portrait, this is the site for you! 

All proceeds from every single purchase will go directly to covering the cost of my physical therapy, medical expenses, and toward my goal of an independent life! If you’re not interested in a graphic portrait but would like to donate, click here

Original Lion Drawing

This is one of my first drawings I created after my accident. It is so special to me and I wanted to share it.

Want a print for yourself? Click here

Check out some of my previous commissioned pieces

As you can see, one of my methods is using a grid. This helps me accurately draw the details, but is removed when I am satisfied with my work.

8″ x 10″ Graphite

Commissioned piece finished in January 2019

Want a custom portrait? Click here!

Curious about pricing? Ask me any questions you have at the Contact Me tab!

8″ x 10″ Graphite

Check how I draw with paralyzed fingers and partial wrist movement!

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