Accessories and Devices to Help You Stay Warm!

During the winter season, it’s very difficult to stay warm. I for one become very cold very easily and the longer I use a chair, I realize a lot of quadriplegics have trouble staying warm too. I am always on the move but luckily I have found some awesome, easy, affordable accessories and devices you can use. I don’t mean coats, jackets, hats, or any obvious items, but items you didn’t know existed or maybe never tried.

ACCESSORIES (for men and women)

Here are some accessories and devices I use to keep my hands warm:


These are my favorite gloves I use because I can put them on by myself (I use my mouth to pull them on) and because I have easy options. I can cover/uncover my fingers, and if I need to text, I can cover/uncover my thumb separately from my fingers. It’s very convenient. Also, if you double layer, these can fit inside of bigger mittens. OH! And, you don’t have to worry about annoying little holes for every finger because it’s one big hole (and one separated for your thumb)!

Click here for a link to amazon that are very similar to mine.

Click here for another similar pair.

Thick Mittens

Next are black mittens I bought at the end of the winter season last year and I got them on sale! Boo-yah! I use these if I am outside for extended periods of time. They cover my hands and wrists entirely which keeps them warm. They are easy to put on and very warm inside. Usually I keep my hand in a loose fist and don’t bother straightening them inside the glove. I can also pick objects up if I use two hands while wearing these!

Click here for a link similar to my pair.

Or click this link.

A Muff

The last accessory I love to use for my hands is this muff. My dad got it for me a couple years ago (notice the camo haha) but it’s a life saver. You can put hand warmers in a separate pocket so there is no fear of burning your hands (been there, done that)! Also, it is VERY easy to remove your hands in and out. Both ends have wide, and stretchable hole so you can slide your hand in quick. This, plus a hand warmer, keep my hands warm for a long time! Another perk is the belt. You can loop it around your chair, body, or in your closet when the season is over. 

Click here for a cheaper option.

Click here for pricey, but very similar option.

The Gaiter

For girls, we can wear scarfs all day, any day. Some men would rather use a different option. So, have you heard of a gaiter? I use this for any outdoors sport during the winter, aka skiing. This bad boy is put on like a hat, and then you pull it down to your neck. It is snug and traps the heat instead of letting it escape from your jacket. Like my mittens, I was able to buy mine on sale at the end of the season. So, if you are ballin on a budget, I recommend you do the same!

Click here for a gaiter


A device I use for my hands is very similar to a heated blanket, only this puppy is super small, convenient, and has a pocket! I received this awesome gift a couple years ago and I use it all the time. It is a convent size, I have no fear of burning my skin, and it quickly improves the temperature of my hands. I couldn’t find this exact device online, but I did find a similar version. 

This first option I am tagging is expensive but very close to what I use. Another option could be a regular heating pad and wrapping a blanket around it to trap the heat against your hand.

Click here for the pricey option

Here are two options I found that are cheaper and has the same idea as a heating pad, however, I have never used these.  

This is a mouse pad heater that you can plug into a USB port, like a laptop. It’s funny but looks convenient.

Click here for the mouse pad heater

These mittens heat up by microwave. Technically, it is used for arthritis, but it increases blood circulation, calms muscle spasms, and soothes muscles. This is a great benefit for anyone!

Click here for the mittens

Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater

A second device is a space heater. But not just any space heater, it’s a Dyson Hot+Cool fan heater. It’s a pricey item but it’s worth the money. It’s light, small, quiet, and powerful. The main reason I like it is because of how fast it can heat up my room. Oh, also, it doesn’t use any blades AND it shuts off if it’s accidentally tipped over. Ok, last perk is that is blows cold air too. So, if you overheat in the summer, just turn it on!

Click here for their website

Nest Thermostat

Have you heard of the nest? I have never purchased or used a Nest Thermostat, but I have many friends that love theirs. If you use Alexa (from amazon), all you do is ask her to change or set the temperature and boom, you’re golden. No remote needed, so you don’t have to worry about dropping the remote (that’s my life haha). The Nest is way cheaper than the Dyson fan and easy to install so that’s a perk too. 

Click here for their website

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