Using My Action Trackchair in the Snow!

Have you heard of the Action Trackchair? It’s an all-terrain wheelchair that allows people who use wheelchairs the ability to explore the outdoors! To explore the outdoors is something wheelchair users dream of. Frequently, if I want to go outside, I am dependent on the weather. But what is worse is waiting for the ground/dirt to dry. If I want to drive through my yard and play fetch with my dog, I need to be very careful with how damp the ground is (even with a strong power chair). It could be days after a storm, and I am still unable to go through the grass without the inevitable cry for help because I got stuck in the mud. Typically, my chair will leave large ruts, spins of out of control, or I get stuck in the mud and pray for a miracle. Also, if I go on a vacation to the beach, there isn’t much hope for a beach walk. If you think a power chair through the mud sounds rough, don’t get me started about the sand (or snow)! 

In 2014, I received my action trackchair (the stander model- Action Trackstander TR) through a grant! Since then, I have traveled with it, used it on the beaches in Florida, I am able to pet horses standing, and I’ve been hiking during the summer and winter. I need assistance to transfer, but other than that, I never get stuck!! You can tell by the pictures how it is possible just by looking at the tracks. This week, we had a couple of inches of snow and I was excited to take it back out! (Below are videos and pictures of me using it this week). I can go all over Up or down steep hills, and across shallow creeks. It comes with a standard 4-point harness so your chest is strapped in tight, can tilt the seat forward and backwards, and you can drive it through 3-4 inches of water!  

Click link below to watch it go uphill!

Now, Action Trackchair has added newer models than mine. It is pricey and I am thankful to have received a state grant to pay for this. It is a chair that has brought me independence which is irreplaceable. 

You can check out more on their website, just click here!

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