Using My Action Trackchair in the Snow!

This post was updated on December 2019.

A few years ago, I was introduced to a new all-terrain wheelchair called the Action Trackchair. Have you heard of the Action Trackchair? This all-terrain chair allows people who use wheelchairs the ability to explore the outdoors! To freely explore the outdoors is something wheelchair users dream of, at least I know I always did. Frequently, if I want to go outside, I am dependent on the weather. If it is raining, I have to stay inside but what is worse is waiting for the ground or dirt to dry. If I want to drive through my yard and play fetch with my dog, I need to be very careful with how damp the ground is (even with a strong power chair). It could be days after a storm, and I am still unable to go through the grass without the inevitable cry for help because I got stuck in the mud. It happens more than I wish to admit. Typically, my chair will leave large ruts, spins of out of control, or I get stuck in the mud and pray for a miracle. Another problem is once the mud dries on my chair, I track clumps of dirt everywhere I go.  Also, if I go on a vacation to the beach, there isn’t much hope for a beach walk. If you think a power chair through the mud sounds rough, don’t get me started about the sand (or snow)!  

In 2014, I received my action trackchair (the stander model- Action Trackstander TR) through a grant! Since then, I have traveled with it using an enclosed trailer, used it on the beaches in Florida, I am able to pet horses standing, and I’ve been hiking during the summer and winter.  

I never got stuck in any terrain I faced, even the sand- wet or dry! I need assistance to transfer, but other than that, it’s easy to use and I never get stuck! If you notice, the difference is in the tires. Instead of my normal powerchair tires, the action trackchair tires is much like a arm tank’s tires. You can tell by the pictures how it is possible just by looking at the tracks. They are wide and triangular which disperses the weight. I can’t wait to take it back out this year! (Below are videos and pictures of me using it in action last winter season). I can go all over our hills! Up or down steep hills, and even across shallow creeks. It comes with a standard 4-point harness so your chest is strapped in tight, can tilt the seat forward and backwards, and you can drive it through 3-4 inches of water!  The harness gives me security that I am strapped I good, especially when standing. If you notice, I also have knees blocks which is used for standing specifically. If I didn’t, I would slip out of my chair and that would not be good!! Check out these videos of the chair in action last winter! 

Click link below to watch it go uphill!

Now, Action Trackchair has added newer models than mine. It is pricey and I am thankful to have received a state grant to pay for this. It is a chair that has brought me independence which is irreplaceable. I never have to worry about getting stuck in mud, sand, or snow when I use this chair. It is a new freedom I live for.  

You can check out more on their website, just click here!

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