Oil Paintings by Me!

Before my accident, I had a passion for art. I was pretty good but had a lot to learn. When the accident happened, the results of the injury also paralyzed my hands. All I wanted to do was create art, but I could barely hold a pencil. Through years of practice I have learned new techniques of writing, drawing, and painting!

This semester at NKU, I had to take an oil painting class. It was a new challenge because I was not comfortable with the medium. I learned to mix color`s, blend, and so much more. I have grown to enjoy it! With that being said, I wanted to share with you some of my work. I hope you are impressed! 

Here is a link to how I draw 


Here is a link to some of my drawings


Self portrait 2018

Master copy of Girl With Pearl Earrings by Johannes Vermeer

One thought on “Oil Paintings by Me!

  1. StacyM says:

    Wonderful oil paintings and drawings Abby, truly amazing work! I use to have a passion for art as well, but I always found portraits extremely difficult. My comfort zone was landscape paintings similar to the Bob Ross video’s on YouTube, except mine was no where near as breathtaking as his! Anyway, keep up the great artwork!


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