Thank You

Thankfulness is something that cannot go unnoticed. It sets a tone for your character and leaves an impact in your relationships. Often, I don’t say thank you enough. So, buckle your seat belts, it’s about to get real. 

I am extremely thankful for my family and friends who literally help me every single day. They sacrifice a lot for me but only to help me and not for their personal image. They help me without question or confusion, they just do it. The best thing of it all is that I am never treated like I am in a chair. That’s rare.  

My family. If it wasn’t for them, I would not be able to get out of bed, literally. No one understands how difficult it is to have a disabled child, niece (or nephew), or sibling. My mom and I joke how people think once you are discharged from the hospital, people think you’re completely fine and everything is back to normal. Unfortunately, it is not. It’s worse. That’s when the real-world sets in. A shock of reality. I endured emotionally hard times of anger, frustration, and confusion. Trying to adapt to a new life was difficult. My parents suffered by watching their baby girl in so much emotional distress. At the beginning of my recovery, the mornings were full of tears running down my face. The pain was unbearable. The only thing my parents could do was to stand by my side. They encouraged me, prayed for me, and comforted me when I didn’t want it. They were there. Truth is, that’s all I needed. 

My brothers and sisters-in-laws (loves).  Just like my parents, they were there. They defended me, like a sibling should.  If we are in public and people are being rude to me, they are my advocate. They are protective and gentle. Whenever we travel, they help me without complaint (even though they lift me in and out of the vehicle 100 times). When I was in the hospital, they were there to cheer me up and make sure I was treated right. Now, they are still by my side. They are there whenever I need advice and push me to be the best. They are mine, and no one can replace them.  

What would I do without them? When God says he will provide, it’s not always through materialistic “things.” He provided me with the most amazing friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, nieces, nephews, and parents – something better than what I could ever “ask or imagine” for.   

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