When The Days Get Hard


As the season is changing, it reminds me of the negative seasonal effect it can have on your body and mind. Winter. The days are becoming shorter, we see less sunlight, and we can fall victim to many viruses (which makes life even harder for quadriplegics). See, I am in love with warm weather. The sunlight gives me happiness and motivation. I love fall flavors and fall candles, but I know winter is next and I have to mentally prepare myself. I’m not even being dramatic, just ask my friends. I loathe cold weather. It’s only (barely) worth it when it snows, and I can stay inside with my hoodie and my heater. With this seasonal effect approaching, it is important to stay positive and push through the hard days. The hard days of feeling like a physical burden on our families. The hard days of fighting discouraging thoughts. The hard days where everything goes wrong, you keep dropping objects, and everything negative about your dependency builds. The hard days of wanting to live another day. Everything is dark around you, your waiting for the day to end but it’s only 5:00 PM. On top of that, the nerve pain intensifies with the cold weather. At least for me it does, it makes my nerves more sensitive in my feet swell. It’s really hard on my emotions when everything seems like it’s against me. But I’ve learned three strategies that have helped me through the hard days.

Private time 

You need time to yourself. Get away from the world and take a breather.  I am an extrovert. I feed off of other people’s energy and it’s what fuels me for the day. However, if it’s too much, it can also drain me. For example, I noticed I am surrounded by people majority of the day with care takers. It’s fine but sometimes I just want to be independent, even if it’s for a couple hours. Listen to what your mind tells you. Are things irritating you more than normal? Are you stressed out? Take out 15 minutes of your day to breathe and remind yourself that you are important, and your life does matter. 


I have learned that you MUST push through these days in order to survive, the days that feel like weeks. Journaling has helped express my emotions that I needed to release, whether they are good or bad. It clears your mind. I am completely honest and open when I write. I can write with a pen or pencil, even though it’s messy. If you can’t do that, you could voice speak into your phone using Siri or other voice to text programs. If it sounds weird, but try it anyways.

 Reading Scripture 

I find perseverance when I read scripture. Here’s the dictionary definition of perseverance: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. When I read scripture, I must let the truth remind me of who I am, even though it’s hard to believe it. I tell myself what God says about me. I am not a burden, I am valued, and my life can still be something amazing despite the difficulty I am facing. I pray and ask God for strength and patience and trust his will for my life even though it seems a blur.

I hope this short article encourages you to persevere through the tough days.


One thought on “When The Days Get Hard

  1. Rose Zimmer says:

    Abby thanks for being vulnerable and transparent. I especially like your last strategy. Go to God and let Him saturate you with His powerand purpose. You are brave to write about this very hard thing . Even Jesus had to get away when he got stressed out right? You go girl! love you tons.


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