Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner I thought I would share some of my past Halloween costumes! I am all about the DIY, simple, and cute costumes so I hope these inspire your costume this year!

The struggles with finding a Halloween costume is similar to shopping for normal clothes (which I talk about here). I have to be comfortable, I need to be independent in them, and I also must think about the weather. A lot of Halloween costumes for girls can be in dresses or skirts. Unfortunately, because of my paralysis, my feet and legs can become very cold and swollen. So fall nights are typically too cold for my legs to be exposed in a dress.

When I look for Halloween costumes I will look for pants or how I can modify the outfit with pants. Next, the top has to be easy to wear. Finally, I love wearing face make up! Whether that’s painting my face white or adding little details on it, I believe this adds to the Halloween fun!

The Grandma Costume

To be honest, dressing up like an elderly person is fun. I swear I’m not trying to be offensive, but it is a fun character to play…. I can say that for now until I am old one day….

What is convenient about this costume is you have one of the props already, a wheelchair. I’m not saying every old person needs a wheelchair but it does add to the costume. I mean, you have to take advantage of the wheelchair while you can! The other benefit of this costume is that you can really pick whatever outfit you want to wear. If you wanted to wear dress, then you could easily find one at a thrift store. For my costume, I decided to wear a out-of-style turtleneck and glasses. I wore my normal black pants and chunky tennis shoes. For my hair, I kept it simple but needed help braiding it back but spread baby powder all over my hair to make my hair look white. Here is a photo from 2016. I paired my outfit with my friend, Sydney who dressed as a girl scout. Our faces make me laugh.

Grandma Wheelchair Halloween Costumes


What you need:

Grandma clothing

– Turtle neck

– Sweaters

– Old fashion shoes


Baby powder or dry shampoo


Queen of Hearts

This costume was extremely fun! My friend and I paired up as she dressed as the mad Hatter and I was the queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland! My outfit was completely DIY. Instead of wearing a dress, I wore black leggings and a black T-shirt and custom made my tutu. I bought red tulle and black ribbon at a craft store and throughout the week I would cut and tie pieces of tulle around the ribbon. This hack was great because I create the tutu wheelchair friendly. By making it wheelchair friendly, I only needed to add tulle 3/4 of the ribbon, leaving the back empty and I tied the ribbon behind my back. This way, you do not need to worry about pulling it up or sitting on it. (pictures below)

Queen of Hearts Wheelchair Halloween Costumes 1

(My friend, Hannah, dressed as an alien!)

Unfortunately, I did need assistance with my hair and fake eyelashes. I teased my hair with hair spray and formed a cute bun in the back. I was able to complete everything else on my own, including the eyebrow blocking (thanks Youtube)! Eye brow blocking is crazy, I never knew something like that existed. I basically used a glue stick and cover my eyebrows with glue, concealer, and powder to make them blend in with my skin that way I could draw new eyebrows to resemble The Queen of Hearts perfectly!

Queen Of Hearts Makeup Wheelchair Halloween Costumes

The collar was easy to make independently, until I got to the end. I hot glued the cards together, then had help bending the cards to arch and glued it to the ribbon! I recommend looking at the dollar store for the playing cards, get that deal!

Queen of Hearts Wheelchair Halloween Costumes 2


What you need:

Black leggings

Black shirt

2 rolls of red tulle

Playing cards

Black Ribbon

Red hair color spray


Face paint

Fake eye lashes (optional)

Hot glue



The zombie costume was super simple. I didn’t go all out for this look, it was kind of last minute. I only teased my hair crazy with a hairbrush. Then I added face make up. I wore normal clothes so I could stay warm but the face make up looked pretty good! If the makeup is good and you play the part, everything will work fine.

Zombie Wheelchair Halloween Costumes 2Zombie Wheelchair Halloween Costumes 1


What you need:


Hairspray for teasing


Be sure to follow my Instagram to see my Halloween costume this year! @abby_marsh29

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