How A Quadriplegic EASILY Picks Up Objects From The Ground – Quadtools – The Reacher

When I drop objects I can’t pick them up. This makes independent living extremely hard and very frustrating. Sometimes I drop items right in front of my tire that I’m literally stuck and can’t move anywhere. Sometimes I even run items over because I get stuck in a predicament that I’m forced to. With all that being said, it’s nearly impossible to live alone if I drop objects more than five times a day.

A couple years ago, my parents and I trained a dog that helps me with this situation. However, it was expensive, it was very time-consuming, and I could not have done it without my parents who trained the dog. I know many people don’t have these resources so their next question is, “What am I going to do, how can I pick up objects without having a dog?!” Here is the answer to your problem! There is a tool from that is designed for quadriplegics and their independence. Watch this video below to learn more about The Reacher and how you can become independent by picking up objects!

Thank you Quadtools for allowing me to test and review this amazing tool that is making independent living possible!

Check out more of their tools at:


I am using the Original Lightweight Quadtools Reacher

If you’re wondering what to do if you drop The Reacher, I use a hanger from my closet, lean my chair back, and hook it!

Thanks for reading!

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