Experiencing a Sold Out Concert in a Handicap Seat *Tips and Tricks

OK guys, it’s time to be honest. I am in love with Harry Styles. There, I said it. It’s true, it is very true. He sings like an angel, he has the sweetest personality, and he’s dangggggg attractive. That’s why I almost died when my friend Sydney asked me if I wanted to go with her to see him live in concert!

I love concerts. Before my accident I would crowd surf and attempt to jump in mosh pits. There was no need from me to even like the band, it was fun to do it. Don’t ask me why, I guess I always appreciated a little bit of excitement. Since then I’ve matured and my crowd surfing is limited but I still enjoy the art of being entertained through music. There are perks to the handicap seat at concerts but you never know how good it is until you’re in the venue. With my experience of attending about 5 concerts since my injury, I want to show you what to expect when you attend a concert in handicap seats.

Getting the tickets

I found it easiest to call the box office of the venue when ordering your tickets rather than online. Make sure they know you are in a chair and need to purchase handicap seating. Don’t let them assume.

If you do not have handicap seating and need to switch your tickets, call the venue.  For the Harry Styles concert, we needed to do this and the Bankers Life Fieldhouse venue in Indianapolis said to arrive early and switch the tickets to handicap seating the day of the concert at the box office. As you can imagine, this was a little stressful doing it the day of but thankfully we had zero problems and the seats we got were pretty good. 🙂

Get there early

No matter what, get there early.


Part of getting there early will also help with parking. Handicap parking goes FAST and unfortunately, people will use the handicap placard illegally (one of the MOST frustrating aspects of handicap parking. I’ll save that rant for another day). So be ready. Usually police officers will be directing traffic and you can ask them where the best parking is.

For Harry, the traffic and parking was pretty crazy but we managed to find a parking garage a block and a half away.

The entrance and box office

At the Bankers Life Fieldhouse venue, I had my first experience of a separate wheelchair entry at a venue (picture below). An employee saw me coming towards the entrance and directed me to the right one. That was nice, I like to know where I am suppose to go without walking circles haha.  Or should I say rolling circles??? Oh geez, that sounded like a lame joke. Anyways….


Harry Styles Accessibile Seating Concert Indianapolis entrance


Handicap seating- wheelchair perks

The seating usually has the same set up at every venue. The seats are typically the middle level, not too far but pretty close. You are in the first row so you have absolutely zero hands or posters blocking your view!!!!! Also, you’re not squished up next to stinky people! To find the seats, I always ask an employee where to go so I am not wondering around.

Harry Styles Accessibile Seating Concert IndianapolisHarry Styles Accessibile Seating Concert Indianapolis 3

If the act has a stage B, you will be close enough to see their dimples:):). *cue Abby melting into a puddle*

The picture below has stage B circled!

Harry Styles Accessibile Seating Concert Indianapolis stage BHarry Styles Accessibile Seating Concert Indianapolis stage b 3


For Harry, our section was really close to the entrance and the restrooms. In the picture below is where our section was. It was blocked off so random concert attendees wouldn’t walk in and out.


Harry Styles Accessibile Seating Concert Indianapolis hall



Concerts are fun and still enjoyable in a wheelchair. All you need to bring is the right person! There are pretty good perks to the handicap seating so enjoy it. You deserve it because living in a wheelchair is not easy!

I really enjoyed the set up at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse venue in Indianapolis. It was a smaller arena so you were closer to the stage and it wasn’t hard to find our seats. The employees were very helpful and we never got lost.

I hope this encourages you to experience a concert live! Don’t let anything stop you! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Experiencing a Sold Out Concert in a Handicap Seat *Tips and Tricks

  1. StacyM says:

    This is a very helpful post with a lot of great advice and tips, thanks for blogging about concerts Abby! I have yet been to a concert since my injury, but my friends and I recently got tickets to see Pink when she comes to Columbus in May 2019. So unless some other concert comes up between now and then, that will be my first concert post injury.

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