Two Simple Devices So You Won’t Drop Your Phone!

After my accident, it was extremely difficult learning how to use a cell phone with my lack of hand function. For the longest time I used an iPad to text. The buttons were big enough and I learned to type with my knuckles. The iPad was mounted on my wheelchair and adjusted just enough for my arms to reach the keyboard. The mount would hold the iPad  in front of my face or I placed it on a tray to use. The iPad was great for the time being but I knew I would eventually need to get back to using a cell phone.

When my arms were stronger and I knew how to control my hands, I was able to shift to an iPhone! It was a difficult transition because the buttons are small but with time, my accuracy from knuckle to button increased. Then, a new problem arose and I started dropping my phone on the ground. I tried every device you could think of to prevent my hands from dropping it- phone holders you strap on your arm to jog, a stand mounted to my armrest, and so many other devices it was nearly impossible to find one that worked perfectly with my abilities. I wanted my hands to be able to hold the phone like any normal hand but we found failure in every device. Then one day my mom came home from a work trip very excited! She showed me this device called a Bandi that she found at a store in the airport (the most random place ever). It’s a silicone phone holder that has 2 horizontal straps around the top and bottom of a phone. At the top of the silicone is a ring that you can hook a lanyard to. We placed my phone into the holder and I was immediately satisfied by the simplicity and effectiveness of the device.

It was time to test it out! I hooked and lanyard to the ring and bounced it a couple times over my bed and the phone stayed in place! So we wrapped the lanyard around my arm rest and I dropped the phone off my side. It didn’t fall and I could hold it easily so it passed the test!


Bandi Adapted Phone Holder Limited Hand Funtion


Later on, there were a few things that became an annoyance in regards of the Bandi (pros and cons listed below), so we found another device that was similar!

This phone holder is designed by the company Rocontrip. It is a silicon cover and comes with a lanyard. It has the same concept as the Bandi. However, the straps wrap around the corners of the phone instead of horizontally.


Rocon-Trip Adapted Phone Holder Limited Hand Funtion


Both worked very well but as we all know, nothing’s perfect. So let me lay out my pros and cons list.




  1. Holds phone firmly.
  2. Easily accessible from my armrest
  3. Some devices I tried in the past had a plastic film over the screen (like jogging devices) that made pushing buttons very difficult. The Bandi did not have a cover which made pushing the buttons easier.
  4. If I placed the phone on my counter (which is rare), I don’t have to grab the actual phone, I can just grab the phone by the lanyard.
  5. Affordable


  1. Difficult to put on the phone independently
  2. Some keyboard buttons are difficult to push because the silicone strap is in the way
  3. If you use a phone case with the Bandi wrapped around it, the Bandi will stretch and rip. Eventually mine will break so I’ve had it replaced a few times. Sometimes it would break after using it for a month.
  4. Does not come with a lanyard




  1. Holds phone firmly
  2. Easily accessible from my armrest
  3. No plastic film
  4. Easy to grab off counters
  5. Silicone straps are not in the way
  6. Only broke once after a year of using it
  7. Comes with a lanyard
  8. Affordable


  1. Difficult to put on the phone independently
  2. The corners tend to slip off but can be fixed myself


So far, the Rocontrip has been my go to for phone holders. The rate of my phone hitting the ground has dropped significantly if it wasn’t for these devices. If you have the same troubles I did, I highly encourage buying one of these products.


Here are links to each product!




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