There is a vital component to driving a vehicle and that is gas. I am not able to pump gas into my vehicle but I do drive, so here’s how I fill my tank up. Get ready because it’s gonna blow your mind!!!! Ready?

I ask. Ya, sorry if you got excited. All I do is ask for help.

I have found that Costco is the place to go to when I need help. There is an attendant outside at all times, it’s amazing. All I do is roll my window down and ask for help. I explain my situation and they are more than happy to help. By now, i know the attendant swell enough, all I do is wave and they come to help. I give them my credit card and membership card, they open the tank, fill it up, they pay it with my card, hand me the receipt, and boom. All done, tank is full, I’m back on the road.

This is one HUGE obstacle overcome, thanks to Costco. From my experience, they have been the best.

Some gas stations try to be helpful but I don’t think they realize how beneficial it is to have an attendant outside for assistance. The Shell gas station might come in second place. I’ve been there once and well, it was an OK experience. They have a sign by the pumps that say honk twice and an attendant will come out IF they have an extra attendant. Well, first off, I felt very uncomfortable honking around innocent bystanders. Second, no one came out. I honked and embarrassed myself for nothing! So, I had to get out of my van, ask for help opening the door into the store because it wasn’t automatic, and wait for an available attendant. Luckily, she was very nice and helped me.

All in all, Costco is efficient, accommodating , and simple. The only problem is, they don’t take MasterCard.

Gas Pump Accessibility


Opening the tank!



Adapted Mini Van Gas Pump


That’s pretty much it! f you know of other gas stations that are accommodating, let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Filling Up The Tank: ADAPTED VAN SERIES POST #3

  1. Chad says:

    Hi Abby, I need C5 quadriplegic that drives in Florida I think I saw you are in California but here in Florida it is Florida law that if you have a handicap parking permit and you go to a gas station that has more than one attendant or employee you can call the store typically the number is posted on the pump and they will come out and fuel your vehicle. You might want to contact your local legislators in regards to this 🙂

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