The Challenges of Drive Thru’s: Adapted Van Series Post #2

When I started driving, I was so excited to feel “normal.” This was a huge obstacle that blocked my independence, so once that obstacle was removed because of an adapted vehicle, I thought nothing could stop me from being free. Then one day, I was driving with my friend and we decided to pick up some Chic-Fil-A. We ordered Sandwiches, Chicken strips, and some drinks (and might I add, they have THE BEST ice which is the real reason I get a drink there haha). I realized I made a HUGE (you’re suppose to read that the same way Trump says huge, “hUUUUUge”) mistake. How in the world is someone going to pick up a heavy drink or grab a bag full of food when their hands don’t work?! Luckily, I can pay with a credit card which is easy to hold but that’s a lot different from a big heavy weight.

I couldn’t grab our order so my friend had to reach across me to take it from the employee. It was a major loss for my independence. So I had to find out a way to win.

Handles. Bags with handles, that was the trick!!! I use the drive thru all the time now! Just about every restaurant has bags with handles, so, when I pull up to the window I kindly ask them to place the food in a bag with handles! I loop my thumb under the handle and BOOM i’m holding the food.

Another tip I have in mind is be careful what you order because of the container it might come in. I love Panera and their salads but the containers are nearly impossible to open.

Now, drinks….. That’s still a bit tricky. If I do order drinks, I ask them if they can step out and place it in the cup holder. I am able to take it out of the holder but it is difficult and risky, so I usually just stick to my water bottle that I have with me 24/7. No risk, no mess.

In the pictures below, I was feeling confident and didn’t ask for a bag with handles. I know, it’s crazy. I’m a dare-devil…. BUT GUESS WHAT. I was successful. I was able to use both hands to grab it, use my elbow on the bag too secure it and pulled it into my lap. Ohhhhh ya (insert emoji smiley face with sunglasses)!

Wendy's drive thru- adapted living

Wendy's junior frosty!

The jr. frosty fit in my hand perfectly!!!! My hand looks normal! This made me very excited!!

Wendys food is now im my belly

Crushed it 🙂

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