Adapted Cooking Device That Changes The Game

When your hands work, it’s magnificent. When they don’t… well……. there are many challenges. The paralysis in my hands make me unable to grasp objects but there is a method through wrist extension and wrist flexion that closes my hand naturally. It’s called a Tenodesis Grasp. This technique helps a lot when I cook. However, it doesn’t give me enough strength to grasp a knife safely. Can you just imagine a knife slipping out of my hand and stabbing who knows what?! Yikes.

Fortunately, there’s a solution! It is called a Rocking Knife (I found a couple options on amazon that I will Link at the bottom). Instead of a regular knife that has one handle, this knife has two and they stand vertical with the knife. The handles are a little slick so I cut some dycem, a magical non-slip material, the size of each handle and taped the ends together! Voila! The blade of the knife is a U shape, kind of like a rocking chair. This helps fluid motions while you slice and dice! I love my rocking knife and it has helped a lot with my independence in the kitchen. And it’s only like $7 – $10! Score.

Check out some bell peppers, onion, and garlic I cut the other day!






Some rocking knives I found on amazon:

Wooden Handle Knife

Stainless Steel Knife

A link for Non-Slip Material:


3 thoughts on “Adapted Cooking Device That Changes The Game

  1. Helen Bailey says:


    It’s Helen (from class)! I’ve finally been able to sit down and read your blog. After all the time we’ve spent talking in class and hearing your story I was very intrigued to see what your blog was about. Not to mention your Instagram posts that sparked my attention.
    What I’ve found here is extremely delightful and I can read your voice in these beautiful words. It’s one thing to see how you overcome these obstacles in class and another to read more about your everyday life as someone who suffers with disability.
    You are an incredibly beautiful person on the inside and out, keep writing! You’ve practically changed my life with your optimism alone. I wish you only the best of success with everything that you do.

    Love, Helen


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