What’s Adapted Bowling Like?

This past weekend I went bowling! Turns out they have a metal slide that little kids and handicapped folks can use! You may have already known that but I didn’t until a friend told me. It was very easy to use and I was able to move it around independently. I bowled better with this adaption than I ever did as an able-bodied individual!

photo (9)

My parents set the ball on top, then I pushed it down as hard as I could. That was the only thing I couldn’t do independently.

photo (10)
I took my good friend Aaron with me. He is on the Special Olympics bowling team….yes, he beat me!
photo (8)
photo (7)
Once in awhile he used the slide, even though he didn’t need to haha!
Bowling was A LOT of fun! This wont be the last time I go!

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