How I Draw Without Hand Function

I’ve always been really into art and drawing but after my accident I lost all of my ability to use my hands/fingers and parts of my wrist. A couple weeks after the accident, I finally picked up a marker and drew picture of a flower and clouds. I had to use a device wrapped around my hand to hold the marker. It was very, very sloppy but I still did it and I was okay with that. Two years later I’m still drawing but I think you’ll notice a big difference. I no longer need to use the device wrapped around my hand. Instead, I wrap the drawing utensil around my fingers. But don’t let that confuse you with the fact that I have regained the ability in my hands. I haven’t. My disabilities in my hand are still the same but I just have learned how to work around them.

These pictures are in consecutive order from first time I picked up a marker to present day.

Also, there are pictures on how I hold the utensil.



Below: my first drawing post injury

photo (5)

photo (6)


Below: self portrait

photo (2)


Below: **almost finished** drawing of my niece (most recent)
photo (4)
I guess you could say i’ve improved!!
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6 thoughts on “How I Draw Without Hand Function

  1. Lindsey Smith says:

    Abby! I just want to say I stumbled upon this and you are seriously incredible. You’re such an inspiration. I know we haven’t had class together since high school and you may not even remember me but I want you to know how awesome you are and how you make such an impact on all of those around you! Also, you’re an incredible artist. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing!!! I’m going to school to be an occupational therapist and your story is so touching. If I ever work with someone like you I will be showing them this blog in hopes it will inspire them too. God is using you in ways you never could’ve imagined. Keep on keepin on girlfriend!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • abbygrace29 says:

      Um yes of course I remember you!! Thank you so much for the encouragement Linds! It means a lot to me. Hopefully the way I adapt will help your patients, that would be so cool!


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