Master Chef Marsh

Another step towards independence is re-learning how to cook. Now with these new obstacles in the way, I needed to find a way to overcome them. My lovely cousin Heather came over to supervise my cooking. She pretty much was only going to help me if I caught on fire… but her strict discipline helped me achieve my goal.

The first meal I made was taco salad. Heather put all the groceries in their designated spots, I got them out while maneuvering around my disabilities, opened them when needed, and cooked away. The hardest thing to do was cook the meat because it took a lot more endurance than expected. After I was done cooking the meat all I had to do was add a little seasoning. Then on my plate I added salad, corn chips, and the appropriate toppings (sour cream, salsa, cheese, and Catalina dressing). I was able to get everything out of their packages and onto the plate without assistance. WITHOUT ANY HELP. It was perrrfectooo!!! And most importantly I was very proud of myself for being a boss in the kitchen.

Re-learning how to do things, like cooking, is so annoying at times. Some days I just wish my fingers could move but I have to remind myself that even though I can’t move my fingers at least I can move my arms, neck, shoulders, and a little in my core!!! And I am VERY thankful for that. Every little muscle I have helps my road to independence.

Since I’ve cooked my taco salad I’ve made chicken stir fry (I haven’t learned how to cut yet so I used veggies/chicken that were already cut and frozen), sausages, and macaroni. T’was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!


I’m open for any ideas or recipes you may have!! Check out my pictures 🙂



getting the hamburger and other ingredients out^^


cooking away


That’s a lot of meat

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