Puppy Fever

I’m FINALLY getting a puppy! I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time!!! My family use to have a dog named Ruby. She was a beautiful, perfect yellow lab. She was so smart and so loving so this next dog has some pretty big “paws” to fill.

But don’t think it was easy finding this puppy, mom was very specific with what she wanted; no shedding, not too big, not too small (she thinks I’ll run over it, but give me some credit mom… I’ve only put like 20 marks on our walls (that was facetious)), preferably a yellow/gold color, and it has to be a girl so I don’t have a tally-whacker rubbing all over me.

The search was on!!!! Multiple Google searches and craigslist searches to find this “perfect breed” and I finally stumbled upon a mini golden doodle litter that would be ready to sell/pick up in the middle of July. We have already met the puppies and put a deposit on my favorite one so I cannot wait till we meet again in two weeks!!!! I feel like I’m about explode, I’m too anxious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But now I need everyone’s help on picking a name for this little girl and if they have any helpful tips on training (I also want to train the puppy to help pick things up for me, like a service dog (because service dogs are wayyyyyyyyyyy to expensive))

Here she is:

photo1photo (1)

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