Wheelchair Rugby

I went to a sporting event in Louisville, Kentucky last year with a good friend who is also a quadriplegic. It was called quad rugby or wheelchair rugby. It was AWESOME and it reminded me of soccer so much. There were guys and girls rolling around banging chairs into each other and getting pretty aggressive, I loved it! They weren’t afraid of anything. I almost felt “normal” there too. Like the able-bodied people were the odd ones out. It was pretty funny.

The wheelchairs are awesome looking too. When I was at in-patient therapy at Frazier I had the opportunity to try out one of the rugby chairs and as weird as they look, it was pretty comfortable! The seat is angled so your knees are pointing up, this also can help your balance so you can lean forward enough to push fast. Also, there are guards by your feet and legs for protection.  You can also use the guards to hook onto other chairs and sometimes even flip your opponent OUT OF THE CHAIR. Pretty epic. (but don’t worry, the refs pause the game and help you back in)). We “disabled” people are tougher than you think — not only do we run over a lot of toes but we also flip people out of their chairs. Ya, don’t mess with us!!!!:)

Here’s a picture so you can understand the chair better:


So who knows, I may try out this sport but, probably after I get a lot stronger and a more intimidating look…

This picture is from www.paralympic.org

and I wasn’t kidding about the flipping part…

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