I Went Geocaching!

Even before my accident I was always an adventurous, nature loving girl. Thanks to growing up in the country, I had the opportunity to go in the woods and hike whenever I wanted too.  I went hiking ALL the time with whoever wanted to join me, even in the winter time! (It also helped that my family loved doing it too)

But now that I’m stuck in this new, unwanted, chapter of my life how can I still experience hiking in a wheelchair meant for a sidewalk? I mean my power chair can go through a lot, but it could never go off-roading.   Thankfully, we live in the 21st century and we have the right technology available to create a wheelchair that is powerful enough to go through anything.

And I am so grateful that I own that certain all-terrain wheelchair called the “Action Tracker”. And trust me it is all-terrain. For example, I had to cross over this little creek and it had no problem at all.  I just have to be a little careful on my speed (like any teenager). I’m in love with it! And my little cousins love it, mainly for rides 😉

This past Sunday I got to put it to the test! My wonderful aunt and uncle, my mom and two of my sweet little cousins, came over and we went geocaching! Geocaching is like treasure hunting and your map is your GPS. You type in the coordinates and you hike to the area where it is hidden, then you have to find the geocache using a clue it gives you! The geocache is usually a small container with a logbook book inside where you can write down the date you found it and your name (you can log online too). Some containers will have little treasures in them too that you can take but, if you take a treasure you have to leave a treasure of your own. Our particular geocache we found was just a little log book to write our names and date in.

It was so fun, I had a blast! I’m very thankful for my awesome family and the technology available to do things like this! Now, if only they had enough technology to make me walk right this second!!!

photo 2


We found this barn so decided to take a selfie:)

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